Incorporating the Use of Writing-to-Learn Strategy in Grade 10 Mathematics Lessons: The Students’ Perspectives

Zuhairina Suhaimi, Masitah Shahrill, Khairul Amilin Tengah, Nor'Arifahwati Haji Abbas


This study incorporated the use of writing-to-learn strategy, particularly journal writing, in Grade 10 mathematics lessons. Although part of a study conducted to investigate the effects of journal writing on academically lower-achieving learners with English as their second language, this paper will focus only on the students’ perceptions of writing journals in mathematics. The students’ perceptions are based on their experience from a 2-cycle action research study. A total of 35 students, ranging from age 15 to 16 years old, from two Grade 10 classes were involved in the study. Data from the student journal entries and questionnaires revealed that the majority of students found journal writing beneficial for the development of their mathematical learning.

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