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Vol 4, No 2: Fall - Winter 2013

Dr. Peter Garrity directs the Mathematics Program's activities for pre- and inservice elementary school teachers. His engaging teaching style combines his doctoral preparation in Mathematics at Teachers College and decades of classroom and consulting experiences. Professor and Mrs. Garrity regularly conduct staff development activities in Africa.

Dr. Jane Monroe followed in the footsteps of storied TC statistician Helen Walker in developing practice oriented courses in statistics for students in many educational specialties. A TC mathematics doctoral graduate, Professor Monroe worked abroad frequently in workshops and tours conducted by the TC Program in Mathematics before retiring in 2010.
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Vol 4, No 1: Spring - Summer 2013

J. Philip Smith holds degrees in mathematics and education from Dartmouth, Stanford, and Columbia Universities. He rose from the rank of assistant instructor at Southern Connecticut State University to full professor, Department chair, Dean and Provost and, finally, acting President. Throughout his career at SCSU he served as a doctoral sponsor to more than 60 Teachers College students and as a highly regarded teacher of mathematics. Dr. Smith represented Teachers College as a leader of tours and workshops in South America, Africa, and Asia.

John Roscoe Clark joined the Teachers College faculty in 1918. Clark served as the principal of the Horace Mann Lincoln School and as the Chairman of TC’s Department of Mathematics Education. He and Mrs. Clark were the authors of widely used textbooks for elementary and middle school students and teachers. John Roscoe Clark was appointed the Honorary President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 1970 and served in that position until his death in 1986.


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Vol 3, No 2: Fall - Winter 2012

Myron F (Mike) Rosskopf was the first recipient of the Clifford Brewster Upton Chair in part because of the leadership he provided in supporting ethnic balance in American textbooks. As the senior author for the Silver Burdette popular K–8 mathematics series, Professor Rosskopf insisted that illustration in the series and names used in the texts word problem represented the nation’s minority population. This example by Silver Burdette set the standard for text equity in practice

Dr. Erica Walker is a major contributor to the literature concerning equity in mathematics education. Through her courses at Teachers College, the work of her doctoral students, and her books about learning communities and the achievements of African-American mathematicians Dr. Walker has extended the traditions of Professor Rosskopf and other TC faculty and graduates of providing access and opportunity to effective mathematics to all students regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.

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Vol 3, No 1: Spring - Summer 2012

Dr. Elizabeth Hagan was discharged from the US Navy as a Lieutenant in 1946 and completed the PhD in Measurement and Evaluation at Teachers College in 1952. Her collaboration with Robert Thorndike resulted in many papers and books including the influential 1961 John Wiley publication, Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education. Dr. Hagan concluded her career at Teachers College in 1976 as Acting Dean of Academic Affairs.

Dr. Stuart Weinberg was the Mathematics Department Chairman at Stuyvesant High School before joining the Teachers College faculty as Director of Student Teaching for the Program in Mathematics. Dr. Weinberg has applied his extensive classroom experience to the development of methods of assessing teachers’ classroom performance utilizing belief systems and attitudes.


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Vol 2, No 2: Fall - Winter 2011

Dr. Robert Taylor was selected by the Teachers College sponsored Teachers for East Africa program to teach mathematics of Uganda’s Makerere University. He returned to TC as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing in Education where he developed an innovative programming language (FPL) intended to introduce educators to the then - new field of computer programming. His seminal work entitled Computers: Tutor, Tool, Tutee led to leadership in the new field of computers in education. Dr. Taylor completed 33 years as a member of the Teachers College faculty in 2009.

Dr. Carl N. Shuster completed the doctorate at Teachers College in 1940 under the guidance of William David Reeve. Shuster joined the TC faculty at Reeve’s invitation and soon was recognized as the nation’s leading advocate of the use of traditional technology, especially measurement technology, in the mathematics classroom. Dr. Shuster served as President of the National Council of Mathematics from 1946 to 1948 and concluded his career as Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Trenton State University.

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Vol 2, No 1: Spring - Summer 2011

This issue honors Clifford B. Upton who was a senior member of the Teachers College faculty from 1907 until his retirement in 1942. Professor Upton was among the Nation’s most prolific mathematics authors. He served on the Board of Directors of the American Book Company enabling him to endow the Clifford Brewster Chair of Mathematics Education. The first professor to hold the Upton Chair was Dr. Myron Rosskopf. Bruce R. Vogeli has completed 47 years as a member of the faculty of the Program in Mathematics, forty-five as a Full Professor. He assumed the Clifford Brewster Chair in 1975 upon the death of Myron Rosskopf. Like Professor Upton, Dr. Vogeli is a prolific author who has written, co-authored or edited more than two hundred texts and reference books, many of which have been translated into other languages. This issue’s cover and those of future issues will honor past and current contributors to the Teachers College Program in Mathematics. Photographs are drawn from the Teachers College archives and personal collections.


Fall - Winter Issue

Vol 1, No 2: Fall - Winter 2010

This issue’s cover and those of future issues will honor past and current contributors to the Teachers College Program in Mathematics. Photographs are drawn from the Teachers College archives and personal collections.

This issue honors Dr. Alexander P. Karp, an Associate Professor in the Program in Mathematics at Teachers College. A native of St. Petersburg, Russia who is the author of more than one hundred publications including textbooks used throughout Russia, Professor Karp represents Teachers College at meetings and conferences throughout the world as well as through his role as managing editor of the International Journal for the History of Mathematic Education.

Former Teachers College Professor and Mathematics Education Chair, Howard Franklin Fehr, was among the most influential mathematics educators of his era. Through his many international contacts, he was the organizer of conferences, projects, and publications including the Congresses of Mathematics Education, a seminal conference on Needed Research in the field, and curriculum initiatives including the Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum Improvement

Spring-Summer 2010

Vol 1, No 1: Spring - Summer 2010

This issue’s cover and those of future issues will honor past and current contributors to the Teachers College Program in Mathematics and Education. Photographs are drawn from the Teachers College archives and personal collections.

This issue honors NCTM 2010 Lifetime Achievement Medalist, Dr. Henry O. Pollak, who has completed 22 years as a member of the Program in Mathematics and Education at Teachers College. Dr. Pollak has contributed so much to the mathematical preparation of the Program’s graduates and to the communities of mathematics and mathematics education professionals in the United States and throughout the world.

David Eugene Smith, also pictured on the front cover, was the founding professor of the Teachers College Program in Mathematics and Education. Like Dr. Pollak, Professor Smith was widely respected by both mathematicians and educators.

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