Vol 2, No 2

Fall - Winter 2011

Cover Page

Dr. Robert Taylor was selected by the Teachers College sponsored Teachers for East Africa program to teach mathematics of Uganda’s Makerere University. He returned to TC as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing in Education where he developed an innovative programming language (FPL) intended to introduce educators to the then - new field of computer programming. His seminal work entitled Computers: Tutor, Tool, Tutee led to leadership in the new field of computers in education. Dr. Taylor completed 33 years as a member of the Teachers College faculty in 2009.

Dr. Carl N. Shuster completed the doctorate at Teachers College in 1940 under the guidance of William David Reeve. Shuster joined the TC faculty at Reeve’s invitation and soon was recognized as the nation’s leading advocate of the use of traditional technology, especially measurement technology, in the mathematics classroom. Dr. Shuster served as President of the National Council of Mathematics from 1946 to 1948 and concluded his career as Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Trenton State University.